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Experience solutions and applications of advanced and professional Blockchain technology in a variety of fields. We deliver an array of services such as Private Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Exchange, Bitcoin Wallet, Ethereum Wallet, Payment System, ICO, Decentralized Exchange, Decentralized Funding, etc
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Vakaxa – Who we are ?

Vakaxa is a leading Blockchain application development company nowadays. With experiences accumulated from many Blockchain successful projects, we have made a breakthrough in applying Blockchain technology and developing solutions related to cryptocurrency. In addition, we are a reliable partner in developing ICO projects for all individuals, businesses, and organizations. 

We are committed to providing Blockchain solutions that will address all the security problems, speed problems and transactional constraints of current systems.

Our Services

Our expertise in Blockchain development enables us to provide customized Blockchain- based solutions for applications in various industries.

Blockchain Solutions

Do you want to apply Blockchain technology to current fields? At Vakaxa, we will analyze, consult and offer Blockchain solutions to your business.

Crypto Exchange

Build a secure cryptocurrency exchange, support the large transaction volume and trade multi cryptocurrency with a high focus on security and efficiency.

ICO project

Analysis, consultancy, design, and development of ICO projects to increase the ability to crowdfunding successfully for your projects.

Crypto Payment

Build a secure, speedy and cost-effective cryptocurrency payment system. Cryptocurrency payments system are fast, secure and cheap.

Smart Contracts

Create reliable and secure smart contracts with minimum or no human intervention which reduces processing cost and conventional contract costs.


Develop multi-cryptocurrency wallet to allow transactions to become reliable and safe. The wallets are designed to extend a high level of security.

Marketing Solutions

Providing superior and effective marketing solutions for all businesses in the field of cryptocurrency.

Daico Service

Provide comprehensive DAICO services including analysis, consultancy, design of a website, smart contract, token creation, wallet, etc.

Cryptocurrency Development

Create and develop cryptocurrency (coin) based on Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS or new one following your requirements.

Why choose us?

With many years of experience in Blockchain development, Vakaxa provides a wide range of sectors such as cryptocurrency, healthcare, education, finance, etc.

Trust in our experience

With experiences from our successful projects, we understand your business. We know what we have to do to make your project successful.

Trust in our solutions

We’re able to create the solutions that match your needs, function the way you operate and incorporate the workflows you prefer.

Trust in our results

With advanced technologies, we are committed to providing you with the best solutions and achieving the best results in the business process.

Our customer says

Marco Biondo

“Vakaxa proved to be a very capable and flexible company. Next, to this, it is worth mentioning that Vakaxa has a talented team, which makes working with them more enjoyable. “

Jeremy Klein

The teams of Vakaxa – excellent job done with very smooth and responsive communication. The team are very knowledgeable and had given us lots of valuable advice. Gladly recommend them to anyone who wants to build ideas into real products.

Talk To Our Experts

To talk to the top Blockchain experts from Vakaxa, please send us your requirement and other relevant details via the form attached underneath.

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