With a team of experienced experts and developers to analyze and evaluate the projects, Vakaxa assists our customers in developing Bitcoin Wallet, Desktop wallet, Mobile wallet, and Web Wallet. With a team of seasoned experts and programmers in analyzing, evaluating and proposing the best solutions to deploy the application of blockchain technology for the Cryptocurrency Wallet, Bitcoin Wallet, Vakaxa is a leading Blockchain company in developing cryptocurrency wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet is an application that allows users to store, track and trade cryptocurrency. If the banks now mainly store physical money and require third-party support, the cryptocurrency wallet records transactions on the Blockchain platform, giving the user complete control over the transaction. Vakaxa also offers solutions and application of Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency development, cryptocurrency wallet, cryptocurrency exchange, web design of Exchange, cryptocurrency payment system,  ICO services, … Best cryptocurrency wallet and bitcoin wallet

Some of the features of the Cryptocurrency Wallet:

  • 2-factor security: secure user’s accounts.
  • Notice: Get notifications of the transaction and change of cryptocurrency price.
  • Conversion Rate: Frequent update of cryptocurrency value.
  • QR code scanner: High-speed decryption allows for fast, secure transactions.
  • Safe Log Out: A security measure that helps users securely sign out of their account.
  • Merchant service: Join as a merchant and moderate other merchants.
  • Security: Protect your user accounts by password and password verification.
  • Most users: Access all existing user’s addresses.
  • Deny duplicate payments
The best cryptocurrency wallet and bitcoin wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet, Bitcoin Wallet developed by Vakaxa:

>> Web Wallet This cryptocurrency wallet requires access from the web, also known as the hot wallet.
  • Complete the transaction quickly.
  • Cost savings.
  • Allows transaction of many kinds of cryptocurrency
  • The wallet is integrated directly into the trading platform.
>> Mobile Wallet The wallet features high mobility, seamless access to mobile devices based on the internet fully.
  • Carry out effective transactions anytime and anywhere.
  • Can support with QR code scanning.
  • Versions on Android and IOS.
>> Desktop Wallet
  • An effective way to store on a cold wallet is more secure than other wallets.
  • Easy to use, supports cold wallet storage.
  • Store private keys and are not controlled by third parties.

Why should you choose Vakaxa?

As one of the leading wallet developers (cryptocurrency wallet), Vakaxa strictly adheres to all security standards to develop cryptocurrency wallet. The wallet solution developed by Vakaxa has many features such as:
  • Transactions are quick and economical.
  • Decentralized exchanges options.
  • Self-managing electronic coins.
  • Get investment advice.
  • Absolute privacy for individual user keys.
  • Hardware is immune to computer viruses.
  • Hardware requires you to authenticate transactions on all devices.
  • Create the private key and manage securely.
With the goal of providing customer satisfaction, Vakaxa is always ready to discuss with you to provide professional cryptocurrency development services. VAKAXA TECHNOLOGY JOIN STOCK COMPANY 
  • Address: Room 2512 The Light Building – To Huu Street – Trung Van Ward – Tu Liem – Hanoi – Vietnam.
  • Hotline: +84963.324.88
  • Website: https://vakaxa.com/
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telegram: @vakaxasupport
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vakaxa/
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