Blockchain in real estate – Imagine a place where you do not need to find an intermediary to sell your home or deal with those who do not trust in buying a land. All you need to do is present all the necessary information and you are linked directly to the potential buyers and sellers.

Blockchain in real estate

By changing the way information is stored and exchanged digitally, blockchain technology can improve the way we record, transfer, finance and manage real estate. Blockchain technology supports reliable transactions through a shared network. Any information entered into Blockchain cannot be corrupted. Thus, it allows secure transactions. These specific characteristics make it particularly useful in the payment of real estate. The real estate industry can undergo major transformations through technology. Blockchain acts as a catalyst for the next generation of new applications and business opportunities. Transparent demand is finally resolved. It also creates a decentralized database that contains information on all available assets worldwide. It can become a public listing of what is owned and owned. All these effects have not been lost to members of the Blockchain International Real Estate Association (IBREA). IBREA currently has 400 members aimed at enhancing Blockchain’s advantage in the real estate industry. Creating a cost-effective, free-of-fraud, and convenient program is almost inevitable.

Advantages of using Blockchain in real estate

There is no doubt that blockchain technology can make a big impact in the real estate industry. Here are some ways you can use technology:

Title deed

Imagine having all the action on the blockchain. Anyone can access the data easily. They will not need anyone’s permission to access the information because they will receive it digitally. For landowners, they will make sure their title action is safe. Since the title documents will be verified by the system, they are certainly legitimate. Land acquisition will be completely finished. When someone buys a property, they are provided with a token, such as proof of ownership, along with a title deed. Blockchain in real estate - the new era of real estate

Smart contract

A smart contract is made by the seller and the buyer. When sellers want to sell the property, they can easily place all the details of the property on Blockchain. Information will be available to all buyers interested in buying real estate. Similarly, the seller will have access to all necessary buyer information. Because of rapid data exchange, transactions can be made easier and take less time and friction. In a rental market, after a period of time, the tenant must vacate the property and request a refund, Blockchain can automatically arrange the shares of both the tenant and the property owner.


When a transaction is completed, you do not need to wait for the check to clear. The correct amount will be automatically transferred from buyer to seller. Because there is no middleman, you do not pay any intermediaries. Therefore, transactions are more cost-effective. Each user has a unique identifier on Blockchain, which can be shared securely. The use of digital money reduces the risk of theft and fraud.

Transboundary transactions

The use of blockchain technology allows for better geographical freedom.

How is this advantageous?

At present, many foreigners have difficulty registering to rent and purchase real estate outside of their home country. However, because Blockchain does not distinguish between buyers and sellers based on their location, transactions can be seamless and seamless regardless of where you are in the world.
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