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Blockchain Development Solutions

Vakaxa is a solution provider that applies Blockchain technology to businesses in finance, real estate, entertainment, healthcare, transportation, insurance.

In particular, Vakaxa provides cryptocurrency services such as cryptocurrency (coin) development, cryptocurrency exchange, cryptocurrency wallet, smart contract, cryptocurrency payment system.

Our team of experienced developers and experts will analyze, evaluate, and provide the best solution to deploy Blockchain technology applications for individuals, enterprises, and organization fastly, effectively and securely.

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The Blockchain Solutions 

POC development

Elaborate Proof of Concept to demonstrate the technical viability of a product or software and its market potential.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts have been developed to provide security, reduce transaction costs by automating contract execution and minimizing human intervention.

Cryptocurrency Development

Develop cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS or an entirely new cryptocurrency at your request.

Private Blockchain Development

Build private Blockchain applications for any industry and save operational costs and enhance the high level of security.

Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain technology is the most advanced technology today. Vakaxa is always ready to consult, support and provide the most effective Blockchain solutions for our customers.

Supply Chain Development

Improve transparency and reduce administrative costs with effective supply chain solutions.

Why choose us?

Recognizing the potential of Blockchain technology for the development of businesses, Vakaxa has researched and developed the most effective Blockchain solutions.

Customer satisfaction

We always listen to and understand the needs of our customers so that we can offer the best service.

Experienced team

With more than 30 Blockchain projects successfully implemented in many areas, Vakaxa will meet the most strict requirements of our customers. 

Professional workflow

For a high-quality product, we always have a professional workflow that complies with the strict standards.

Minimize costs and risks

The risk is a problem that all systems encounter. Understanding this, Vakaxa is trying to provide solutions based on the latest technology to minimize costs and risk.

The advantages of Blockchain solutions 


Blockchain technology opens the future of a variety of fields such as education, healthcare, cryptocurrency even votes.

Safe and secure

Security has always been Vakaxa’s top concern. By building data on decentralized systems, Vakaxa has eliminated all the problems of centralized network systems. Our Blockchain solutions are sustainable. Moreover, the data when stored in the Blockchain network will not be modified by any individual or organization.


The users attend the Blockchain network can also track all transactions and statistic its entire history.

Fewer risk

In the business system, a lot of reasons causes errors to increase the cost of hiring intermediaries, which takes time to solve. However, when using the Blockchain technology, the transactions are stored in the ledger and cannot be changed. This will reduce disputes, save costs and reduce risk.

Can not be forged

No one can change the chain in the Blockchain. It just disappears when the global Internet disappears.


With Vakaxa’s Blockchain solutions, startups can call for capital through ICO projects- release their own cryptocurrency for sale (some startup using their own currency as a driving force to encourage the user) for those who support the vision of the project without dividing the share as an investment fund.

Talk To Our Experts

To talk to the top Blockchain experts from Vakaxa, please send us your requirement and other relevant details
via the form attached underneath.

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