Let spend some time to learn the article of Blockchain technology application in the aviation industry. Blockchain is a decentralized, public digital ledger that encrypts data into profile blocks that allow reliable and long-term data storage.

The characteristics of the Blockchain are not easily tampered with because the blocks are data packets, which are attached before and after the transaction. So it has been applied to currencies, loyalty programs, accounting, and auditing. And in aviation industries, Blockchain also has considerable potential.

Although the aviation industry is applying many advanced technologies, there are still outdated and unreliable issues. For example, pilots record their flight time with a pen and paper or via a digital spreadsheet. These logs are not confidential and do not have real-time authenticity that may lead to false times.

Blockchain can provide a reliable data storage method and make transactions to ensure that data cannot be falsified. Besides, Blockchain can also be applied to many other aspects of aviation such as aircraft maintenance, passenger records, flight licensing, practice certificates and financial transactions. Thus, Blockchain can provide a safe and secure way to handle and use the various permanent digital records required by the aviation industry

Blockchain in airline industry

Some Blockchain applications in aviation

  • Security and identification

The protection of passenger records, flight declarations and crew information is very important in the airline industry. Using Blockchain for these data sources will allow to manage and share information between different entities without affecting their confidentiality.

  • E-license

Because Blockchain features cannot be changed or tampered with, the authenticity of pilot login and maintenance can become accurate. This will allow regulatory authorities to verify that the aircraft and pilot login information, contributing to overall airline safety.

  • Air transport

Each shipment of freight requires a large amount of expense and papers. The ability to digitize this paper with Blockchain will allow an environmentally friendly solution. It will also reduce transit time by eliminating the need to verify paper copies and by significantly shortening the administrative process. Consolidation of air transport records will create a linked information network, which will facilitate data sharing and fraud elimination.

  • Regulatory

Implementing Blockchain as a standard in aviation will improve the capabilities of the Aviation Authorities to monitor specific goals and to ensure that operators and service providers comply with regulations and standards. When the use of Blockchain technology to license electronic personnel becomes a standard, it will provide regulatory agencies with the ability to verify the authenticity of pilots, airplanes, professional certifications. service, practice license (CNS, Air traffic controller) through reliable and transparent record keeping.

Ticketing and customer management

Using Blockchain for electronic tickets will allow airlines to strengthen alliances by allowing tickets to be sold by their partners in real time. Loyalty programs can be enhanced with Blockchain because tourists can gain immediate value from their points and use them as a currency. Because Blockchain is publicly available, loyalty points can be used by any partner connected to a loyalty network.

Financial transactions

Many aspects of aviation require financial transactions such as buying spare parts, renting aircraft and aviation costs related to flight operations. Blockchain can standardize these processes and properly secure transactions in a timely manner. Airlines and airline startups are starting to tap into the potential of Blockchain technology, proving that the use and deployment of Blockchain in aviation is near. Blockchain has the potential to develop the airline industry and allows airlines, civil aviation agencies, international organizations, and other important players to unlock the full potential of data and information available to them.

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