Today, with the rate of growth the modernization of technology, cryptocurrency has quickly become popular all over the world. Many organizations, businesses, and individuals are looking to build a coin to make a payment, transactions and transnational exchanges. We have a team of experts and good programmers will analyze, evaluate, build plans and offer the best solution to deploy Blockchain technology applications for a cryptocurrency (Coin). Vakaxa will help you create coins with all the latest features based on Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS platform… or according to your own requirements. In addition, we can assist you in developing cryptocurrency-related services such as exchange software, cryptocurrency wallets, and payment systems. If you want to create your own cryptocurrency, please contact us. Blockchain technology - applied coin creation service

Cryptocurrency creation Service of Vakaxa

We are proud to be the leading company in creating a cryptocurrency with a high level of technology. Here are some highlights of Vakaxa’s creation and development of cryptocurrency (Coin):
  • Developing wallets for cryptocurrency: Developing customized cryptocurrency wallet with high security to allow transactions to be safe, secure and ensure high liquidity.
  • Ecosystem building: Building a complete ecosystem including applications such as Store, Casino, Bank, where you can use a coin to pay.
  • Develop cryptocurrency based on POS technology: Develop coins based on Proof of Stake technology for safety and security, prevent 51% attack.
  • Developing cryptocurrency based on POW technology: Developing coins based on Proof of Wook technology – algorithm being used by Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Main network development: Main Network development supports secure, efficient coin transactions and allows application development around the coin.
  • Build exchanges for cryptocurrency: Build secure, flexible and customizable cryptocurrency exchange that support transactions that take place faster and easier
Coin creation service

Why did you choose us?

  • Experienced team: Our development team has much experience in developing cryptocurrencies with different platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum fork and EOS fork or create a new coin according to your requirements.
  • Safe and confidential: The coin developed by Vakaxa are based on safety standards. We always ensure transparency and support securely.
  • Good service, quick feedback: We will fix the earliest errors (if any) for your project. In addition, Vakaxa’s team also supports you all other services such as a whitepaper, roadmap … We are committed to always listen and analyze the requirements from customers.
If you want to make own your cryptocurrency exchange, please contact us: VAKAXA TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK COMPANY
  • Address: Room 0722 – Building The Pride – To Huu – La Khe– Ha Dong– Ha Noi
  • Hotline: +84963.324.888
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telegram: @vakaxasupport
  • Facebook:
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