A trading bot is an automatic trading tool used by traders to gain profits. Understanding this trend, Vakaxa builds cryptocurrency a trading bot with the affordable price.

Why use a crypto trading bot?

Trading BOT is software programs connecting directly to financial exchanges, and place buys and sells orders on your behalf. Trading bot makes buy/sell decisions by tracking the market’s price change and reacting according to a set of predefined rules or smartly study the pattern on graphical view. Trading BOT helps transactions become easier and more secure.

How to build a cryptocurrency trading bot?

Vakaxa is a Blockchain company developing cryptocurrency trading bots, will help you create this magic tool with full functions:

  • The trading bot will track the coin of each user. The user can add/delete the coin, of course, the bot will track this process.
  • API keys to let the BOTS trade.
  • Get SMS updates containing the buy signal along with a link to automatically buy
  • The user will be permitted to set the number of coins to trade they want to invest (buy the coins). The BOTS will do the trade automatically.
  • The BOTS has two programs:
  • A local server to take data regularly and process it.
  • The BOTS reads the signals and send these signals accordingly.

Trading bot

How to trading bots work?

The Trading BOT can work in the situations as below:

  • Fully-automatic
  • Semi-automatic
  • Depend on your decisions

Besides, trading bots are programmed of the risk-taking feature:

  • Do not proceed unless the prior sell orders have been sold
  • Take the risk if the proximity price is dropping sharply

The Trading BOTS can trade multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time.

  • Fully automatic mode – In this case, trading bots will read and analyze MACD data. The bot will check the price carefully and after 4 – 5 times, it will make a decision to buy or sell.
  • Semi-automatic Mode – In this event, the BOTS will analyze and tell you when the right time to buy or sell. You have to do your own analysis and make buy or sell decisions. Generally, the semi-automatic trading bots are deployed once and controlled remotely on your app.
  • Depend on your decisions – It is a simple trading bot always waiting for you to know if the buy or sell has to be decided.
  • Risk Feature – where BOTS is fully automatic – In this case, trading bots will check the proximities and do the trade on its own.
  • Risk Feature – In this mode, once the sell is initiated, the trading bot will wait until it can sell after the margin price has reached on the exchange.

Why choose Vakaxa?

  • With the valuable experience accumulated from successful exchange projects, our developers are well versed in deploying trading bot with the best technologies.
  • Vakaxa has a talented team of developers, always keep up with the latest technology trends to provide our customers with the best solutions.
  • Vakaxa is always aiming to maximize the benefits of our customers with superior services, affordable pricing, and security.
  • 24/7 support: We are always here to support you anytime you have requested.

If you want to create a trading bot, please contact us:


  • Address: Room 0722 – The Pride Building – To Huu – La Khe –Ha Dong – Ha Noi
  • Hotline: +84963.324.888
  • Website: https://vakaxa.com/
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telegram: @vakaxasupport
  • Facebook: facebook.com/vakaxa\

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