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Cryptocurrency (Coin) development services from the leading experts
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Cryptocurrency ( Coin) Development

Vakaxa provides the cryptocurrency (coin) development services for our customers in a variety of fields such as finance, real estate, entertainment, games, casino, etc. Our team can create a cryptocurrency fill with all the latest features are based on the platform of Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS … or based on your own requirements.

Vakaxa offers advanced cryptocurrency development services that meet your requirements. In addition, with experienced developers, we can assist you in developing services related to cryptocurrency such as cryptocurrency exchange, cryptocurrency wallet, cryptocurrency payment gateway.

Cryptocurrency Development Services

Vakaxa is proud to be one of the companies that provides a comprehensive solution to develop cryptocurrency with the best security standards. Here are some of our cryptocurrency services

Cryptocurrency wallet

Develop customized cryptocurrency wallet with the high level of security that allows storage to be safe, secure and highly liquid.

Develop cryptocurrency based on POS algorithm

Develop cryptocurrency based on Proof of Stake algorithm for security and against 51% attack.

Main Network system

Main Network development supports secure transactions and develops the applications related cryptocurrency.

Elaborate Ecosystem

Elaborate a completed ecosystem including applications such as Exchange, Decentralized Casino, Decentralized Fund, where you can use the cryptocurrency (coin) to pay.

Develop cryptocurrency based on POW algorithm

Develop cryptocurrency based on Proof of Wook algorithm – An algorithm used by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Build cryptocurrency exchange

Build a secure and customized cryptocurrency exchange so that transactions can be fast and easy.

Why choose Vakaxa?

Experienced team

With more than 30 Blockchain projects successfully implemented in cryptocurrency development with different platforms,  Vakaxa will meet the most strict requirements of our customers.

Safe and secure

Blockchain has its own privacy policy to create cryptocurrency. At Vakaxa, we developed a security code for your own cryptocurrency based on Blockchain technology as well as the security standard.

Quick response

We will fix any errors (if any) of your project as soon as possible. Our team will assist you in developing all other services such as whitepaper, roadmap, etc. We always analyze from the smallest requirements.

Talk To Our Experts

To hire the top blockchain experts from Vakaxa send us your requirement and other relevant details via the form attached underneath.

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