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Cryptocurrency Payment System

Currently, Vakaxa is applying Blockchain to build a cryptocurrency payment system with the decentralized platform, low transaction fees, and security. 

Cryptocurrency payment system will take place through a decentralized platform based on Blockchain technology. This system will eliminate third-party involvement, maintaining transparency of the transactions. Using the cryptocurrency payment system, all transactions are paid cryptocurrency (coin) in a simple and quick way.

The benefits of cryptocurrency payment system

Some of the main benefits are listed below

Decentralized platform

The Decentralized platform is based on Blockchain technology that combined to manage the database of all ongoing transactions. Therefore, through a decentralized system, we can statistic all transactions and be maintaining transparency.

Easy and fast transaction

Payments take place from customer to customer and so just a few seconds. In 15 to 20 second, all participant can validate payment completion and faster than traditional methods.


Because the Blockchain is highly encrypted through a technique known as encryption, so finding the path of the transaction becomes nearly impossible. Thus, there are fully anonymous and no risk or theft threat.

Low transaction fees

The traditional payment makes transactions through third parties with a high transaction fee, but the crypto payment does not have third-parties so the transaction fee is low.

Development Process

Analyze your requirements

We will plan to analyze, design according to your business requirements.Our team will give the products we have developed before. Our staffs always try our best to bring the best products to our customers.


Our specialists will receive requests from you and will then analyze and provide roadmap along the development process. Products will be clearly delineated so that the handover route will be most accurate.


Payment systems will be developed by seasoned programmers and must always follow the standard software release lifecycle. Before a roadmap is taken, our testers will check all errors

Deploy and upgrade

Our DevOps team will ensure quality in the process of bringing the payment system into operation on the system. We will upgrade the new features by gathering information and handling all errors arising during the operation.

Why choose us?

Seamless transactions

The transaction takes place seamlessly, quickly and convert money at a high rate.

Many features

Take part in ICO projects, special payment requirement, transaction notifications, hardware wallet and many more features available to you for free.

Dedicated team

Our experts put all their talent and effort into making the best cryptocurrency payment for our customers.

Fund control

You are the only owner of your fund, we have no control over it. Our mission is to make the transfer channel transparent and seamless.

Talk To Our Experts

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