Vakaxa provides multi-cryptocurrency hardware wallet development services that uses Blockchain technology to store and trade all cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Etherum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple.
Hardware Wallet is a Bitcoin storage and other cryptocurrencies device. Inside the wallet store private keys of the customer and stored in a safe place in this device. This wallet has many advantages such as:

  • The private keys are often stored in a protected area of a microcontroller, cannot be transferred out of the device
  •  Immune to computer viruses that steal from software wallets
  • The software is open source code that allows users to validate the entire operation of the device

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Multi-cryptocurrency hardware wallet

The features of multi-cryptocurrency hardware wallet

  • Two-factor authentications: to maintain secure users account
  • Notification: to get notifications about transactions and the price of cryptocurrency change
  •  Conversation rate: to instantly view of updated cryptocurrency value
  • QR code scanner: to send and receive cryptocurrency in a single click
  •  Safe logout: a safe way that automatically logs out users from their account
  • Merchant services: to join as the merchant and to browse other cryptocurrency merchants
  • Security: To protect users account with password and PIN
  • Most used addresses: to access all available user address
  • Duplicate payment deny

The types of cryptocurrency wallet

>> Web wallet

Web wallet requires web access is called a hot wallet. This wallet has many advantages:

  • A fast way to complete transactions
  • Save fees
  •  Allows to trade multi-cryptocurrency
  •  Integrate wallet directly into the exchange

>> Mobile wallet

The wallet features have high mobility, seamless access to any mobile devices based on the Internet fully. The advantages of this wallet:

  • Efficient to trade cryptocurrency anywhere
  • Integrate hardware wallet with QR code scanning
  • Can be used on IOS and Android

>> Desktop wallet

The desktop wallet is a good method to store cryptocurrency on the cold wallet and safer than the mobile wallet and web wallet.

  • Easy to use, support the cold storage wallet
  • Store private key and cannot be controlled by third – pảty

>> Hardware wallet

Hardware wallet is safer than web wallet. It handles fork better than others:

  • Easy and Safe to store cryptocurrency in long-term
  • Hardware wallet is safer than other wallets

Why choose us?

As one of the top Blockchain developers, Vakaxa strictly adheres to security standards to develop multi-cryptocurrency wallet. The multi-cryptocurrency wallet that developed by Vakaxa has a lot of advantages such as:

  • Fast transactions
  • Decentralized transactions options
  • Cryptocurrency self-managing
  • Get investment advice
  • Protect absolutely privacy for the private key
  • Hardware requires you authenticate transactions on all devices
  • With extensive experience in the field of Blockchain, we have carefully studied all the possibilities in the development of cryptocurrency wallet.


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