Smart contracts help businesses easily reach customers

Smart contract are designed to provide high levels of security and minimize transaction costs
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What are Smart Contracts?

Vakaxa provides professional smart contract development for all customers. 

Normally, when signing an economic contract, we need a third party, but a smart contract does not. A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally, verify or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without the third party. Smart contracts allow trusted transactions and agreements to be carried out among disparate, anonymous parties without the need for a central authority, legal system, or external enforcement mechanism. They render transactions transparent, and irreversible.

The benefits of Smart Contracts

Smart contracts permit transactions to become reliable and safe without a third party. These transactions can be tracked and irreversible. Smart contracts provide a high level of security and reduce unnecessary costs.

Reduce costs & risks

The requirements will be to implement an automated with smart contract, minimizing human intervention which will reduce processing costs compared to conventional contracts. A decentralized network eliminates the risk of fraud because the network is managed by all network participants.

Accordance with business model

Smart contracts work well in any business model. They can monitor effectiveness for a period of time and respond to predetermined conditions.

Process automation

The Blockchain based platform automates the automation of business processes and provides timely feedback.

Can not be modified

Smart contracts are designed to reduce the people intervention, thereby avoid human-induced faults, which facilitate faster business operations. Smart contracts cannot be changed so that provides a reliable environment for the users.

High security

Smart contracts will be encrypted and distributed on nodes, which ensures that the information is not modified. We ensure that no hacker can threaten your information.


We will adjust the smart contracts to suit the business model and fields of your business.

Smart Contract Development

The key to our success is the method we develop smart contracts. We will assist you in creating smart contracts based on cutting-edge technologies.


We will develop smart contracts according to the requirements of the business. Our team will adhere to your idea or tailor it to match your business model.


Vakaxa will develop an ideal smart contract that will contain milestones and roadmaps. The smart contract will include information movement and design architecture that consists of GDPR compliant requirements.


Smart contracts are developed by seasoned developers and must follow the standard software release lifecycle. The stages include Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, and final version.


Our team will ensure quality during the developing of the smart contract into the main network. If you meet any errors in implement processing, we will surmount as soon as possible.

Smart Contract Development Pricing


  • Secured Smart Contract
  • Connect to web services, APIs
  • Connect to wallet
  • Support desploy mainnet
  • Low desploy costs
  • Low transaction Costs


  • Secured Smart Contract
  • Connect to web services, APIs
  • Connect to wallet
  • Support desploy mainnet
  • Low desploy costs
  • Low transaction Costs


  • Secured Smart Contract
  • Connect to web services, APIs
  • Connect to wallet
  • Support desploy mainnet
  • Low desploy costs
  • Low transaction Costs

Why choose us ?

Smart contract is one of Vakaxa’s best Blockchain services. As one of the pioneers in smart contract development, Vakaxa has been developing this service on the Blockchain platform to deliver the best user experience and at the most affordable cost

Cost savings

With experienced programmers on Smart Contract programming. Vakaxa helps customers save a lot of money when putting a smart contract on the main network.

Free support

We are committed to supporting our customers throughout the design and development process until the Smart Contracts are officially implemented.


A smart Contract is a place where investors save money. Therefore, Vakaxa is committed to providing secure smart contracts that safely store investor money.

Talk to our experts

To hire the top blockchain experts from Vakaxa to send us your requirement and other relevant details via the form attached underneath.

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