Vakaxa provides solutions for integrating payment portals for websites such as Ngan Luong, Bao Kim, Paypal, Visa, cryptocurrency payment gateway to help customers pay easily and quickly. The constant development of online sales websites in recent years has changed the shopping taste of consumers. However, the payment method is a challenge for the buyer and seller. Therefore, more and more businesses choose a solution to integrating payment gateway for their website to ensure safety and convenience for e-commerce transactions. Integrating payment gateway for the website is not only a safe and effective solution but also helps to confirm the reputation of the business. The payment gateway is a service that allows customers to make online payments at e-commerce websites. The payment gateway provides a secure connection system between a customer’s payment account (card account, e-wallet) with the sales website account, allowing individuals and institutes to pay and receive money on Internet quickly, conveniently and safely protected! Vakaxa provides safe, high-security website design services and integrates payment gateway for your website. Some typical payment gateways are integrated into the website: Onepay payment portals As a product between Onepay Company and Vietcombank Bank and International Card Master Card Organization, Onepay is currently leading in the market of providing online payment services in Vietnam. The transaction fee on Onepay is 1.5-4%/transaction, this fee is quite high compared to some other services. OnePay is currently free of risk management, free of charge for handling the chargeback. For domestic cards, cardholders will get back their lost accounts within 7 days. The seller will charge of chargeback costs of a few dozen dollars. Ngan Luong Payment portals As an exclusive partner of Paypal in Vietnam, invested by 3 leading e-commerce & technology corporations: IDG (USA), SoftBank (Japan) and eBay (USA), is a leading online payment service provider in Vietnam. With Ngan Luong, buyers can buy goods online quickly within 5 minutes to 4 hours completely free of charge, the seller will incur a maximum charge of VND 1,000 + 1% / exchange in exchange. In particular, this is the only payment tool to import goods across borders from 40 countries to Vietnam via Bao Kim e-wallet Although being born later but Bao Kim has affirmed its position as a connection between buyers and sellers in online transactions in Vietnam. You only need to provide credit card information, ATM for a single address to pay all websites integrated with Bao Kim payment. Information and data are absolutely safe. Bao Kim has a maximum custody period of 7 days, ready to return if the seller fails to comply with the sales commitment. Bao Kim integration will be completely free, including maintenance fees. When a transaction arises, the buyer will be charged a maximum fee of 0.1% / transaction. The solution to integrating payment portals for website Visa payment portals Online payments have been for a long time and become an indispensable service in developed countries. And now, in Vietnam, the number of people using credit cards has increased rapidly.
  • Integrating a payment gateway into the website will be the trend and target customers use payment gateway service of banks such as:
  • International credit cards like Vista, Master, American Express, Discover and many other international cards.
  • Domestic credit card Domestic card.
  • Support domestic ATM Internet Bank (Viettinbank – Ebanking Dong A Bank).
To integrate this feature into your personal or business website, you must register through support channels:
  • Bao Kim & Ngan Luong (Support international card and domestic ATM card)
  • PayPal (Paypal e-wallet and international credit card support (Vista-Master – Amex – Discover)
  • OnePay & 123 Pay (International card and ATM card in the country)
  • Online payment via 123 payment gateways of Galaxy Vietnam cinema and payment once.
  • Other international payment gateways or directly with banks Most of these payment gateways do not support much credit card in Vietnam.
Payoo payment portals Payoo e-wallet is a product of VietUnion – a member company of the headquarter from Saigon. With Payoo, you can shop and use cost-saving, time and effort services that are extremely safe, without having to disclose bank account information and credit card numbers to those websites each time shopping. Payoo cooperates with many banks, allowing owners to deposit or withdraw money from wallet to bank account via Internet Banking or other transaction channels with a maximum fee of 1,760 + 1.2%. Vn Mart payment portals VnMart e-wallet is a combined product of Vietnam Industrial and Commercial Bank (VietinBank) and Vietnam Payment Solution Joint Stock Company (Vnpay). Customers who are E-partner cardholders of Vietinbank or cards of partner banks (Agribank, DongA Bank, BIDV) can deposit money directly into Vn mart wallet via VnTopup message to use for payment of transactions. In addition to paying bills on stores, Vn mart integrates phone payment, plane tickets, BIC insurance, prepaid and postpaid card codes. Like other online payment services, Vn Mart always ensures safety for customers. Cryptocurrency payment gateway (WMZ – Webtranfer Money, Perfect Money, payment gateway through BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC) Cryptocurrency has a common market-based exchange rate and is difficult to convert (most of it is converted to exchange channels) Customer support: Use integrated cryptocurrency wallet. Advantages of using cryptocurrency wallet: Quick payment is not confused about the procedure. The account is easy to create and integrate into the website through online registration. The service fee is quite low and suitable for small and private sales websites. WMZ (Webtranfer Money) and Perfect Money
  • Being a large cryptocurrency wallet worldwide, users can directly exchange this cryptocurrency on managed e-wallets.
  • Can directly link with international credit cards (Vista – Master – Discover – Amex) and transfer money with linked accounts.
  • SMS security support.
Payment gateway through BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC BTC, ETH, XRP LTC are the most frequently mentioned cryptocurrency in recent times. It is also the most integrated cryptocurrency in online payments and transactions. BTC is the cryptocurrency with the highest exchange rate up to this point. In Vietnam, there are many sales websites that integrate this payment method

Vakaxa’s working experience with popular payment portals

  • All Vietnamese banks (Vietcombank, Dong A, Vietinbank, Agribank, BIDV …)
  • Onepay – www.onepay.vnSohapay –
  • Smartlink –
  • Ngan Luong –
  • Bao Kim –
  • Banknetvn –
  • Payoo –
  • Mobivi –
  • –
  • Fibopay –
  • Paypal –
  • Liberty Reserve –
  • Webmoney –
  • Liqpay –
  • Qiwi –
  • –
  • 2Checkout –
  • MoneyBookers –
  • Alertpay –
  • Worldpay –
  • Address: Room 0722, The Pride, To Huu, La Khe, Ha Dong, Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • Hotline: +84963.324.888
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telegram: @vakaxasupport
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