Vakaxa provides technology 4.0  products based on the application of the Blockchain technology platform to help businesses break through successfully.

Technology 4.0 revolution – A breakthrough in the world

Technology 4.0 revolution including cloud computing, big data, and blockchain is affecting all areas of life.

Blockchain is a technology to store and transmit information and data by blocks that are interconnected and expanded over time. With the decentralized, transparent and high-security characteristics, Blockchain is considered revolutionary technology, applied in many industries such as finance and banking, retail, transportation, telecommunications, health, education …

The future of Blockchain technology applications is expected to become more and more popular, Blockchain technology will be more and more potential and growing, especially in the field of banking and finance. Understanding this trend, Vakaxa always tries and creates to provide the best 4.0 technology products for customers.

Technology 4.0 products

Vakaxa – Providing products based on Blockchain technology

With a team of experienced programmers working on Blockchain projects, Vakaxa’s pioneering position has been confirmed in the application of modern technologies of the industrial 4.0 revolution to its products, to support businesses to improve their competitiveness. Vakaxa builds many products based on Blockchain technology

Along with the explosion of the cryptocurrency revolution, Vakaxa provides technology 4.0 services such as:

  • Build and develop cryptocurrency on ERC20 platform.
  • Build and develop coins according to POW, POS, MasterNode mechanism.
  • Prepare all legal procedures to put coins on the trading floor.

Following the success of creating coins, Vakaxa continues to improve and apply Blockchain technology into its products.

We build a centralized trading platform and a non-centralized exchange similar to large market exchanges such as Remitano, Binance, BitMex, Aliniex, cryptocurrency exchange (santienao), … or a new trading platform as required.

Use the coins above to make payment for the computer game, Lucky Dice, Lucky Wheel, BO (Binary Option). The most successful of Vakaxa is the application of Smart Contract (smart contract) to show transparency and fairness when participating in games.

Vakaxa leads the technology 4.0 trend

Vakaxa is well aware of the power and influence of the industrial 4.0 revolution with industries. Therefore, we have constantly researched and developed to bring advanced modern technology 4.0 products with breakthroughs to help businesses break through successfully.

Vakaxa – a great partner for you in the era 4.0

Technology 4.0 products are the solution that Vakaxa brings to domestic and foreign businesses. Each product built and developed by Vakaxa contains the creative thinking and continuous efforts of the entire staff.

Coming to Vakaxa, you will absolutely comfortable because we always advise, offer the best solutions and advice for your project.

The service provider of technology 4.0 products will be the key to help businesses innovate products, improve production capacity, reduce operating costs. With extensive experience and a team of qualified, highly qualified, and enthusiastic staff, Vakaxa will surely continue the success of previous products, bringing 4.0 modern and utility products. for you.

Contact information for Vakaxa company


  • Address: Room 0722 – The Pride Building – To Huu– La Khe– Ha Dong – Ha Dong
  • Hotline: +84963.324.888
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telegram: @vakaxasupport
  • Facebook:

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