Vakaxa is a Blockchain company with a team of experienced experts and programmers who analyze, evaluate and give optimal solutions to design website of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin exchange software in Vietnam. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoin websites are intermediaries for buying cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin, EOS, etc. A website is a place for trading, exchanging cryptocurrency between buyers and sellers and resolving disputes, problems arising in the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency. designs website of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin exchange software

Some futures of the cryptocurrency exchange software website

Vakaxa currently owns the most advanced technologies that allow the development of a professional cryptocurrency trading platform. If you own a coin and look for a reputable partner to develop the trading platform, we will provide a comprehensive solution.
  • Integrate API: Coin is secured on cryptocurrency exchange by integrating mail and SMS confirmation.
  • Margin trading: Users lend a coin to trade on the exchange and return it at a predetermined rate.
  • Data encryption: The ability to encrypt data allows secure transaction information as well as personal information.
  • Integrating payment gateway: Users can withdraw and recharge in many different ways.
  • Phone version: Users conduct transactions via phone on both Android and IOS operating systems.
  • Referral programs: Users will receive a commission fee when referring other members to join the exchange.
  • 2-factor authentication security (2FA): It is a security method to verify user identity with Google Authenticator.
  • Administrator functions: You can view all current functions such as KYC, Tickets, referral programs, and all transactions.
  • Multi-language support: When developing a trading platform, we are committed to supporting multiple languages such as Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, English, …
  • Wallet: The exchange developed by Vakaxa integrates cryptocurrency wallet that allows storing various coin.
  • Smart contract: The coin is exchanged between a buyer and seller through a safe and secure smart contract.
  • Against fake: Against the status changes and unexpected actions from the user.
Designs website of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin

Vakaxa creates a cryptocurrency exchange software website

  • Choose the right platform: Vakaxa understands that: the cryptocurrency exchange development is to choose the correct platform, which has higher transactions per second and transaction volume. The exchange platform will be free server issues.
  • Regulation: In during the period of development, we always adhere to regulations such as KYC, AML, and regional legal.
  • Market and Liquidity: The most important problem that all developers care is liquidity. The cryptocurrency exchange maintains to date on the market news. The exchange must be able to predict unexpected contingencies in the cryptocurrency market
  • Banking: Vakaxa knows that collaborating with the bank is vital to make the transaction can be safe and secure.

Types of order in cryptocurrency exchange software

  • Market order
The market order allows users to trade cryptocurrencies at the current price. They can set up a market sell or market buy to protect themselves from going down market.
  • Stop order
Stop order is a conditional market order, the users can sell order or buy order at a specified price. The users can place Stop Buy/ Stop Sell to protect themselves.
  • Copy order
Copy order is an order user can receive updates on the top crypto-traders and copy their trades.
  • Limit order
Allow users to trade cryptocurrencies by setting an order. The orders are restricted to slippage market. The user can place a Limit buy or Limit sell.
  • Buy Stop Order
Buy Stop/Stop Loss order is set when the price is about or below the market price. Its aim is to protect the benefits of the user on the exchange.
  • P2P trading
P2P trading is Peer-to-peer trading that allows buyers and sellers to discuss a price before the cryptocurrency is exchanged. Only when the buyer and seller agree is the transaction is completed.

why choose us?

With the desire to satisfy all customers, we always understand and always try to bring the best services. We are committed to:
  • Provide the professional cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Vakaxa specializes in the development of customized cryptocurrency exchange services that are trustworthy.
  • The user manages their asset by themselves
  • Integration of hard wallet on the exchanges
  • Vakaxa has a team of experts who can consult and develop user-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges website for transactions.
  • Reports and charts show the price changes.
  • 24/7 customer support.
If you want to make own your cryptocurrency exchange, please contact us: VAKAXA TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK COMPANY
  • Address: Room 0722 – Building The Pride – To Huu – La Khe– Ha Dong– Ha Noi
  • Hotline: +84963.324.888
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telegram: @vakaxasupport
  • Facebook:
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