Working process of Vakaxa

Step 1

  • Get and analyze customer’s requirements, then build a basic timeline and give the quotes

Step 2

  • When signing the contract, customers will deposit 50% costs of the project into multi-signature wallet or escrow of the bank.

Step 3

  • Carry out project development, build a detailed timeline for the project

Step 4

  • When completing 50% of the project, pay 20% costs of the project

Step 5

  • When completing 80% of the project, pay 20% costs of the project

Step 6

  • Complete 100% of the project, pay the remaining 10% costs of the project

Step 7

  • Handover of source code, use guide documentation, installation and deployment support.
  • Continue to support until everything works well and fully understand how the system works
  • Vakaxa continues to offer free support within a year

Talk To Our Experts

To talk to the top Blockchain experts from Vakaxa, please send us your requirement and other relevant details
via the form attached underneath.

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