Top 10 best Blockchain in 2018

The blockchain is one of the most innovative technologies in recent times and promises potential development in many different areas. Today, Let’s find out the top 10 best Blockchain companies in 2018.

1. OpenLedge

OpenLedge is a leading Blockchain service provider today, focusing on the research and development of professional Blockchain solutions for businesses as well as start-ups. With a focus on practical business applications, OpenLedge develops custom Blockchain solutions and decentralized applications on Hyperledger, EOS, BitShares, and Ethereum. In addition, the company also provides individual and public Blockchain consulting services for its corporate clients. Insight into Blockchain technology for businesses that allow OpenLedge to provide professional solutions such as customizable protocol protocols, smart contracts

2. Treehouse Technology Group

Treehouse Technology Corporation (TTG) is one of the leading companies in applying Blockchain technology to change the world. TTG’s applications have helped thousands of customers from large businesses to startups. Currently, TTG is developing secure smart contracts using the Solidity, Ethereum, and Proof of Stake Algorithm platforms.
In addition, TTG also provides comprehensive ICO solutions for businesses, providing solid technology know-how to increase the chances of successful fundraising. In addition to the consultancy, TTG will also plan to develop tokens, plans and conduct technical feasibility studies to provide the best solutions.

3. Vakaxa

Vakaxa is a leading company in the field of Blockchain solutions. From the beginning, Vakaxa has always focused on research and development of Blockchain solutions in a variety of fields. With the talented developers and experienced experts, Vakaxa is committed to providing the safe, secure solutions with high-speed transactions as well as reducing the risk and operational fees, which contributes significantly to the business and management process of enterprises and organizations.

Vakaxa is one of the top Blockchain companies

Over a long time of development, Vakaxa’s position has been proved through our projects that we deployed such as: providing Blockchain applications in a wide range of fields from finance, bank, healthcare, education, entertainment to agriculture, especially payment systems, storing systems, smart contracts and decentralized applications for many businesses and governments.

4. Chromaway

Chromaway was founded in 2014 with headquarters in Stockholm. Chromaway owns a team of Blockchain specialists working in finance, real estate, government to provide smart contract solutions. With the motto “digital government era is here,” Chromaway focuses on research and development of Blockchain solutions. So far, Chromaway has implemented a number of Blockchain projects, including SofiWay – a Blockchain network that allows direct person-to-person contact, and Universal Identity Hub – a project of gender equality and security. The Green Wallet Property – a platform for green investors to improve the transactions on the Paris Climate Agreement, through its verification and authentication infrastructure.

5. LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz has been recognized as IBM’s Blockchain development partner for five Blockchain platforms and more than 80 smart contracts. At present, LeewayHertz offers full solutions for Blockchain applications in the enterprise. They have extensive experience in developing many blockchain applications for the Global Supply Chain, Identification Solutions for batch chaining and utility billing using blockchain. LeewayHertz’s biggest success is building more than 100 digital platform projects for businesses and now has millions of users around the world.

6. Chain

Chain is a US-based Blockchain development company that has succeeded in creating cryptographic accounts widely used in the financial sector. They have strong support from partners such as Capital One, Citigroup, Nasdaq and clients such as Visa, Orange, Fiserv, RRE Ventures, as well as many startups. So far, Chain has the right to be proud of the products it has created such as ledger Sequence to make transactions token become more secure. This notebook works on both personal networks and public networks and is currently used on both mobile and cryptocurrency platforms. Another example is the virtual transaction machine named TxVM.

7. Techraces

Techracers is a leader in providing comprehensive Blockchain solutions

Techracers is a leader in providing comprehensive Blockchain solutions and efficient services to address the problems businesses face in terms of speed, security, and transaction costs. Techasers experts provide a variety of protocols and blockchain networks combined with current business results to find the best solution. Services provided by Techracers include Blockchain Enterprise Development, Blockchain Application Development, Smart Contract, and cryptocurrency development.

8. Coinfabrik

Coinfabrik is a Brazilian blockchain development company with extensive experience in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ledgers … They have been involved in blockchain since the early days and are working on various solutions for the financial sector. Their services include: from smart contract audit and development, cryptocurrency exchange,  blockchains on Hyperledger. In addition, they also develop custom software, custom design, user interface / UX, QA, deployment to the cloud. Speaking about the accomplishments, Coinfabrik can be proud of projects such as crypto wallet, identity verification, peer-to-peer lending, and anti-phishing scams.

9. LimeChain

LimeChain is a Sofia-based blockchain development and consulting company with extensive experience in building blockchain solutions for startups and corporate clients. The company was founded by four friends, who were motivated by the philosophy that the results speak for themselves.
LimeChain is determined to help pioneer blockchain technology development not only locally but also at the global level. Although on market less than a year (founded in November 2017), LimeChain has established a solid customer base with a portfolio of companies including Propy, LockTrip, Iris.Ai, Arxum, Vautltitude and so on.

10. Innovecs

Innovecs is a global company and has offices in many parts of the world including San Francisco, New York, London, Frankfurt, Tel-Aviv and a research and development team in Ukraine. Innovecs specializes in the areas of advertising, finance, gaming, e-commerce, healthcare, and telecommunications. They started using Blockchain technology very early. Their engineers have built Blockchain applications for P2P transactions, money transfers, digital money. Most of their partners and customers are in the finance, retail, e-commerce and healthcare sectors.

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