The global Blockchain market is expected to grow more than $ 60 billion by 2024 as more and more businesses adopt the Blockchain technology. As a result, thousands of more companies are developing their Blockchain applications in different areas every year. Here is a list of 10 companies that develop the most remarkable Blockchain solutions and applications in 2018.

1. Patron

In English “Patron” means quench thirst, so many joked that the company took over Patron to satisfy the customer’s cryptocurrency thirst. Patron is a leading Blockchain company in Japan. Recently, they are embarking on a decentralized marketing platform to minimize the ineffectiveness of their media campaigns. The company is open to selling tokens and expanding its operations to the United States. Developed by Atsushi Hisatsumi – a very influential person in Japan, Patron has achieved a lot of success and received great attention from many business organizations around the world thanks to the strategic partners as well as a team of experienced Blockchain experts with the advice of the top leaders.

2. TraDove

Tradove is truly a phenomenon of 2018. At present, the company is developing a fast and reliable blockchain B2B payment network, minimizing risks and costs for transactions, especially transactions. international. In 2018, TraDove is also one of the most successful ICO companies. The company has released B2B tokens, meeting the needs of businesses for the use of electronic money in sales and marketing. The B2B payment network connects buyers and sellers quickly and transparently. The company was founded by entrepreneurs from MIT, Linkedin, Facebook, Amazon.

3. Vakaxa

Vakaxa Company

Vakaxa is the first company in Vietnam to apply Blockchain technology into business. Through long-term research, the company has made a breakthrough in developing Blockchain solutions in many different areas. The company is now embarking on building a Vakagroup ecosystem with the goal of providing a full ecosystem for users without having to look for products and services to use Vakacoin. Unlike existing ICOs, VakaGroup is based on a well-established ecosystem. VkaGroup’s ecosystem is full of services catering to most human needs: cryptocurrency exchange, cash exchange, information storage, gaming, shopping.

4. Menlo One

Menlo One is currently developing a decentralized application with the speed of a traditional web application. The algorithm proving their reputation is the innovation of Dapps due to the speed, data center and through the nodes in the technology center. Led by TED fellow, Matthew Nolan – a successful entrepreneur, and developer of Blockchain, developed the ETH platform. In addition, the project calls for the company’s ICO capital is really amazing

5. Gameflip

Gameflip is an online trading market development company supported by the Silicon Valley Insider Trading Fund. It allows gamers to trade any digital goods and currently they have 3 million members. After the success of selling tokens, users can now use FLP tokens to use electronic money transactions in markets where Gameflip is already available. In the coming months, Gameflip will partner with Gameflip SDK integrator which will allow in-game merchandise approval through Blockchain.

6. Buddha

Buddy is an application store for developers. Their vision is to become a focal point for talented developers to apply Blockchain technology to change the world. Buddy’s goal is to dramatically reduce wasted, time-consuming processes, maximize automated processes so developers have more time to innovate. Currently, Buddy is working with Amazon, Google and Github to develop this add-on.


CIINCH company CIINCH is the first company in the world to adopt Blockchain technology in planning and buying media such as printers, televisions, radios, etc. They have created and developed ADBIT tokens as a key to this project. CIINCH and ADBIY have been created to automate many processes, minimizing unnecessary processes and costs.

8. Celsius Network

Celsius is currently using Blockchain in the banking sector. The company’s borrowing and borrowing platform will allow users to earn 5% interest on their electronic coins, while loans will be subject to an interest rate of 9% and use of electronic funds as an asset. challenge. Celsius’s goal is to connect 100 million users and turn their billing network into one of the most aggressive Blockchain applications and break the limits of traditional banks.

9. Goldilock

Goldilock was developed for the purpose of altering the way data is stored and secured on the Internet. This Blockchain application allows individuals and organizations to secure digital assets in the repository to be disconnected until the user wants to reconnect to use them. Goldilock Security Suite is a patented security solution that works by command rather than by IP. Therefore, it will help to store better assets, especially sensitive assets.

10. Fcoin

Founded by Zhang Jian, former CTO of Huobi, FCoin is a fully transparent and decentralized cryptocurrency transaction platform based in China. The idea of FCoin is unique because it is based on a mechanism to exploit and share profits up to 80% for the community. Launched in May, FCoin recently garnered considerable media attention at over $ 17 billion a day. FCoin has officially entered the market and is looking to overcome some of the world’s leading electronic money trading platform.

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